In my 15 years of experience in the TV & Film industry, I have worked on all types of projects raging from commercials, music videos, films, documentaries, live TV broadcasting. In the past 6 years, I’ve also specialized in creating professional corporate videos.
Together we can bring your vision to life and create a professional video for your brand.


Video Production

  •  Werbung Video

  •  Imagefilm

  •  Recruiting Video (Mitarbaitergewinnung)

  •  Jubiläumsvideo

  •  Tutorial/How-To Animationsvideo

  •  Bewerbungsvideo

We can develop your first idea or concept and create a video to attract new customers, employees or create awareness. I’ve worked on hundreds of projects and none of them are too big or too small. I’ve worked with multi-million dollar companies but I’ve also worked with small firms or even freelancers. 

The fact that I have 15 years of experience and that I studied to be in this industry, puts me ahead of the new wave of people making videos because it’s cool. I have the discipline, the professionality and the know-how to create a video which tells the story of your company.   


These days due to time limitations or just the fact that you want to reach your customers as fast as possible, more and more companies use mobile phones to create video content. 

I can hold a workshop for your employees and teach them how to correctly use the phone camera to film and afterwards how to edit.

At the same time, I can provide workshops for your in-house video team and bring them up to speed on the latest video and editing techniques or equipment.

Studio Building and Light Design

Building an in-house video studio can help you save money in the long run and offers you the possibility to create content when needed. 

I can help you by creating the light design, deciding which cameras to use, what kind of workstation would be suitable for your kind of work. 

Of course, I will be there to set everything up and provide you with a finished and fully functional studio.