About me

I am Cristian Ceoroiu, born in Bucharest/Romania and I have over 15 years of experience in video production. Since 2013, I relocated to Germany and I live in Frankfurt am Main.

2004- 2008 Studied TV & Film at Universitatea Media and I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. 
2006 – 20013 Got a job in one of the biggest TV stations in Romania as a cameraman and after I graduated, I was promoted as a Director of Photograhpy.
2013 – 2016 Worked at 1&1 in the video team where I did camera, light editing, grading and workshops for the employees.
2016 – Present I created my own video production company and I work on all kind of amazing video projects.


An interview for Panasonic, where I talk about my experience on working with the Panasonic EVA1 camera.

University and Freelancer 2004-2008

In 2004, I began studying TV & Film at “Universitatea Media” in Bucharest where I learnt how to film, how to work with different cameras, how to light for a film and a TV studio. Pretty much everything that has to do with TV & Film. My specialization was camera and light. Around the same, I got a project based job as a camera assistant. After classes, I would go to different projects such as music videos, commercials. 

Working as an assistant, I learnt quite a lot of things about my job and the industry, things which you usually don’t learn in the University. 

In the second year at the University, I had considerably a lot more experience compared to my colleagues so when it came to doing films for our exams, quite a lot of colleagues from the directing class asked me to film their projects. Usually you had to do a project per semester, I made around 8 per semester. Because of this, I got offers to do a lot of projects as a cameraman and Director of Photography, even some of the professors were hiring me for different projects and I also filmed the TV spot for our University.


TV Career as a Cameraman and Director of Photography 2006-2013

In 2006, I got offered a position as a cameraman at one of the biggest TV stations in Romania, Antena 1. I accepted immediately but the only “catch” was that for the first 3 months, I had to work on a Sitcom where they were filming on average 12 hours per day. It was pretty hard to study and learn but they allowed me to go in the morning to study and come back to work afterwards.

When the 3 months probation period was completed, they offered me a normal contract and I moved to work as a cameraman in the studio and film different live shows. After 1 year of working there, the Director of Photography which was working there asked me if I want to be his assistant, learn how to do light design for studio and eventually to get promoted.
I did that in parallel with my normal job as a cameraman and I also got the chance to set-up lights for smaller studios. After I graduated from the University and got my Bachelor of Arts degree, I was eligible for the promotion and I got it after a while.

As a Director of Photography, I was in charge with doing the light design for different TV shows. The light diagram would then be implemented together with my team of electricians and technicians. The next part would be to decide how many camera we would use for each show and where we would place them. This was done together with the director and the producers. After this part, I would talk with the cameramen and explain them what kind of shots they should film from their angle.

In 2010, I got offered a 1 year contract from a niche TV station from our media trust, to re-do the light design for all of their shows. They were mostly live shows and they had only 1 studio so they would use different parts of the studio for different shows. It was quite challenging to make a system which would be viable for all shows and  to also be able to quickly change the light from one show to the next.

Corporate Life 2013-2016

In 2013, my wife which was working in Bucharest for a very big German corporation, got an offer to relocate to Germany. At the same time they also offered me a position in the video team. 

We told ourselves, let’s go to Germany for 1 year so we can expand our horizons and better ourselves while working in a truly international environment. We love Germany so much that the 1 year turned into 6 and we are still here :).

The people at 1&1 realized the potential videos have and made the decision to build an in-house video team. When I got there, it wasn’t fully developed so together with my colleagues we developed it until it was fully functional.

We built from scratch an in-house green screen studio where we were able to film any type of project from how-tos, testimonials, interviews, product videos. My 7 years of experience in TV was of great help because I had already made a lot of green-screen productions and in the end it was a perfect fit.

My main roles as an Audio-Visual Media Manager were camera, light, editing and color grading. We made all types of videos raging from testimonials, interviews, tutorials and even some TV commercials for the Spanish and UK market.


Besides my normal attributes, I was in charge of equipment acquisition, together with my colleagues we established the video Corporate Identity and  Style Guide.

Also on a quarterly basis I held multiple workshops for my colleagues in the video team on themes such as “Advanced Camera Techniques” , “How to light a green screen studio”, “Advanced Color Grading”.

From time to time, I would also workshops with our marketing people from all over the world on “How to film with the mobile phone and how to edit the footage”. I also flew to USA and held a workshop there for our marketing team on “How to work with external production companies”.

Cristian Ceo Filmproduktion 2016-Present

I loved working at 1&1, it was a great workplace and I had really cool and supportive colleagues. After almost 12 years of experience working at the highest levels, I decided that it was finally time to move on and start my own business. I know that I find myself in a very good position because in all those years, I’ve covered quite a large amount of different fields in video and I have the know-how to do pretty much any type of video production.

So far my decision to go and build my own business paid off, I’ve worked big budget imagefilms and recruiting videos. I’ve held workshops for very large multinational companies and I started work on a couple of in-house studios for some companies. At the same time, I’ve also made videos for small to one-man businesses which realize they need video content. 

When I have a bit of free time, I also get involved in the film scene in Frankfurt/Hessen where I’ve already worked as a Director of Photography on a couple of cool short films. As you can see in the video at the top of the page, Panasonic asked me to do an interview for them where I talk about my experience on working with the Panasonic EVA1 camera. Camera which I also own and use to film most of the projects I work on. It’s a high-end professional camera which is approved by Netflix and can be used to produce films on the streaming platform.

This is not a job for me, it’s my life, it’s what I love to do and I plan to help as many businesses as possible to create high quality and professional video content. Depending on the budget, I can work as a one man band, I can bring a whole video team and I also have a wide network of marketing and PR professionals which can assist your business to reach new heights in the digital era.